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Test Engineer II (3 to 6 yrs exp)

Kent, WA 98032

Job Function: Engineering Job Number: 401171

Job Description

Job Title: Engineer - Test II
Work Location: Kent, WA - Centerpoint (Clarke West)
Work Location Address: 20829 72nd Ave South, Kent, Washington 98032

Job Details and Requirements Section
  1. Can you give us an overview of the project this resource would be working on and what the day-to-day activities would look like?
Test engineer – design and execution of tests for components that will fly on New Glenn. Valve, pressure related component. Eighty percent of the instrumentation – pressure transducers, flow meters. Hydraulics, pneumatics, cryogenics. We do our own data acquisition and provide the data back to the responsible engineers. Data acquisition, writing test procedures, working with large groups of people. In the past we have had people come with pneumatic experience, cryogenics, general testing experience, vibration testing, thermal testing, vacuum testing. Having pressurized experience is most interesting to us.
  1. Are there other positions or job titles with similar responsibilities and qualifications to the one we are hiring for in other companies? Having experience in mechanical testing is not the same as what we do. Coupon testing – stress training – this is not in our scope. Consumer electronics testing is not the same. Software – we do not do a lot of software testing.
  2. Other rocket engines testing experience or facility work would be great. Familiarity with boiler and pressure code. Working with large facilities to bring systems up online. Motor sports would be interesting, oil and gas, military – DOD applications, ordinance, military vehicle testing.
  3. Is this new headcount or a backfill? New headcount.
  4. How large of a team are they working on? 60 people, working as one of twelve.
  5. Is team currently on site, remote or combination? 100% onsite.
  6. What does training for this role look like (if any)? LMS training. Familiarity of fittings
  7. Will any of the following be required for this position: overtime, on call, weekends, off hours?
Historically in the last three months we have seen a lot of extra hours, weekends, etc. As we get closer to flight there will be a lot more of the odd shifts. We would expect 40-45 hours a week for a normal baseline.
  1. Any chance the role can extend to 24 months or convert to FTE? Targeting the end of the year as the end of the contract.
Candidate Detail Section
  1. What are the programs, technologies, and certifications that are useful for them to already know? Are there any must-have skills?
Familiarity with boiler pressure code. SMCS 016. Some sort of test experience. Involvement with test conduct or hazardous test operations – this is a requirement. Data acquisition is not a must but is a high requirement.
  1. What non-technical Skills are necessary (such as communication, problem solving, team player, i.e.)? Communication, good at working with a diverse group. Initiative is also extremely important.
  2. Ideal Candidate background and how many years required? 2 years minimum. 3+ years of experience in component testing and data analysis.
  1. Confirm required education? Engineering degree. If they had a technician background that was strong we would consider without a degree. Experience in lieu of degree would be acceptable.
Administrative Section
  1. Required Export Control Status? US Person
  2. Do you plan to conduct interviews for this position?

Supplier Questions From Call:
  1. Performance metrics for this role? Not specifically. Safety is our ultimate principle.
  2. How many of these systems are you looking for experience in. Which would you like to see the most – on one team pneumatic. Hydraulic after pneumatic.
  3. Honesty is a big principle here; we need to know what you don’t know in order to prepare and teach. Trust and open communication is a big deal. Attention to safety – we need them to have ambition and initiative but if they don’t know what they are doing they should not be doing it. Know limits and ask questions.
  4. Location – we need candidates in Kent. Relocation candidates – if they can get here in a reasonable timeline we can consider.

Job Description: OT Eligible.
***Please have the candidates answer the qualification questions at the top of each individual resume.
As part of a diverse and hardworking team of engineers, you will have primary responsibility for the development, qualification, and production test campaigns on various New Glenn spaceflight systems. You will own the planning and execution of individual component and subassembly test campaigns on mechanical, actuated, hydraulic, cryogenic, and/or pneumatic systems from fabrication to delivery. You will author and maintain detailed test procedures, perform test readiness reviews and pre-test briefings, and conduct data reviews to verify the success of the test campaigns. You will work closely with design engineers to identify test requirements, with operations engineers to incorporate tests into the appropriate test stands, and with technicians to implement the procedures you author. You will identify the test fixtures, test support equipment, and data acquisition systems vital to complete your testing scope and work with tooling and equipment designers as necessary to design and procure this hardware. You will drive efficiency gains in testing activities to increase testing efficiency while maintaining a high standard of quality and prioritizing the safety of you and your teammates above all else. You will share in the team’s impact on manufacturing, testing, and delivering hardware for the New Glenn Launch Vehicle.
B.S. degree or higher in Mechanical or Aerospace Engineering, or other relevant field. 3+ years of experience in component testing and data analysis. Candidates with multiple levels of experience are welcome to apply. Strong work ethic with a high attention to detail and level of organization. Strong written, personal, and computer skills. Ability to communicate clearly and appropriately at the executive leadership level and on the shop floor. Successfully managed simultaneous project schedules. Passion for spaceflight and space exploration. Ability to earn trust, maintain positive and professional relationships, and strengthen our culture of inclusion Must be a U.S. citizen or national, U.S. permanent resident (current Green Card holder), or lawfully admitted into the U.S. as a refugee or granted asylum.
Applicable industry experience (launch vehicles, satellites, aircraft, motorsports, oil & gas). Demonstrated technical expertise in the design, operation, testing, or production of pressurized (up to 6000 psi), cryogenic, actuated, and/or hydraulic systems. Strong knowledge of fluid components such as valves, regulators, actuators, servo-valves, and fittings. Experience with sensors and instrumentation (pressure transducers, accelerometers, etc.), data acquisition, and automation systems. Familiarity with precision clean hardware and systems. Experience with Environmental Testing (proof, leak, vibration, thermal, etc.) per SMC-S-016, MIL-STD-1540 or MIL-STD-810. Demonstrated familiarity with data analysis, processing, and reduction techniques. Experience with data acquisition and automated systems.
Do you have experience leading test operations? Please give an example.

How would you set up a simple pressure test to conduct it safely? What equipment would you use?

What was the hardest conflict you had in the past year? How did it end up? What did you learn?

** Johnson Service Group (JSG) is an Equal Opportunity Employer. JSG provides equal employment opportunities to all applicants and employees without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, marital status, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law.
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