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Welding Inspectors (Pipeline)

Calgary, AB T2P 5J2

Job Number: 393050

Job Description

Welding Inspectors
JSG Professional Services ULC is currently accepting applications for experienced, competent and qualified CWB L2 Pipeline Welding Inspectors for 2022/2023 Pipeline Construction projects.
The focus of the Welding Inspectors role is to monitor the various aspects of the field wielding program and ensure that the contractor is providing a high quality job. A Welding Inspector will be assigned to each crew carrying out the various stages of the welding operation; e.g. front end, back end, repairs, tie-ins, and fabrication. Each Welding Inspector will be familiarized with the process of measuring and documenting welding parameters for the specific area he/she may be inspecting over.


  1. Pre-Construction Input & Preparation

• Supervise the pre-construction training and orientation of project field personnel

• Plan and organize spread set-up and resources

• Undergo inspector training and orientation program

• Review welding specifications and procedures for the project

• Review and understand project reporting requirements for welding operations

  1. Monitoring of Contractor Performance During Construction

• Complete report daily

• Undertake alignment sheet check to ensure appropriate wall thicknesses are in place

• Check transitions prior to welding for conformance with construction specifications

• Check pipe end preparation

• Check for pipe roundness/bevels

• Check interior cleanliness of pipe

• Check availability and application of correct welding procedures

• Maintain an accurate account of the Construction Contractor’s weld start time, end time, and down times

• Make random checks on welding parameters contained in weld procedures; i.e. preheat and cool down procedures, welding consumables, equipment output, travel speed, ensuring that clamps are being held for the required duration

• Ensure that hot passing of bottoms is being completed in accordance with the construction specifications

• Check Construction Contractor’s skidding and crotching procedures

• Check grounding techniques

• Ensure that line up clamps are not removed before sufficient weld metal has been placed, and contractor complies with the welding specifications

• Verify cooling control is employed where required

• Liaise with NDE inspection crews as to availability of completed welds

• Check pipe identification is occurring properly

• Ensure that end preparation cuttings are collected and disposed of in accordance with the construction specifications

• Check Construction Contractor’s equipment for conformance with safety standards

• Ensure ‘induced voltage’ mitigation measurements are employed

• Note weather conditions and record ambient temperatures and wind conditions

• Assist back end Welding Inspectors as required

  1. Special Considerations

• Ensure that all welders have a copy of the approved welding procedure to which they are welding to

• Confirm that traffic control measures are adhered to in accordance with conditions identified in the Contract Documents

• Ensure that welding debris is collected on a daily basis and disposed of in accordance with the Contract Documents

• Ensure all pertinent pipe markings (Pipe #, Heat #, etc.) are transferred to the outside of the pipe

  1. Post-Construction Project Resolution and Close-out

• Assist in claims resolution

• Identify deficiencies for future action

• Coordinate data collection and provide report to Owner

• Provide post construction evaluation and lessons learned document

• Review base estimate and schedule to actual and provide feedback

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